Adding values on an ent numeric field.

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Adding values on an ent numeric field.

Hello there!

My problem is this:

I had a task to migrate zim7.11 database over unix to a database over linux.
So far, so good.

The problem that is haunting me is, whenever I added a register on an ent in this unix database, if a numeric field of this ent is not informed, zim would record it as $null.

But, on the linux database, it records as 0 (zero).

Like this example below:

ent: e_codCompany

sn fieldname type length decimals reqd index virtual fieldmask
10 cdComp char 2 0 yes unique no
20 NmComp char 50 0 yes no no
30 AvgSalary vastint 17 2 no no no

I would add a register on it...
"add 1 e_CodCompany let cdComp = " 1" \

On UNIX, if I listed this register, the result list would be

cdComp NmComp AvgSalary

But (here is the problem) on LINUX, the result list would be

cdComp NmComp AvgSalary

I have A LOT of tests on the programs about "is $null" or "is not $null". So I can't have these kind of "adds" recording 0 (zero) on a non-informed field.

Anyone can help me with this??

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