Zim 7.12 for Windows (build 2910)



This package contains Zim 7 bundled with Zim JDBC SAM.

Release Notes:

  • Zim JDBC SAM substitutes all previous Zim SAM products including Oracle SAM;
  • Zim JDBC SAM is the current product to connect Zim application to third-party database software, such as Oracle or SQLServer;
  • Zim JDBC SAM uses the native JDBC Drivers of the SQL database being accessed – no other third-party client software is needed;
  • If you are using Zim JDBC SAM, it is mandatory to be connected to the third-party database software in order to generate a runtime version of your application (compile);

Trial License Details

Thank you for evaluating Zim 7.12 build 2910

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Serial Number: 67887
Operating System: Windows
Activation Key4HM8-X7MM-5GPF-X4R4

Key expires on July 15, 2018

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