ZimQt Client Browser Plugin Deployment for Administrators (beta 1)


ZimQt Client Browser Plugin (beta1)

ZimQt Client Browser Plugin allows running any existing Zim 8.50 application inside a web browser.
Now, end users only need a website address to launch a Zim 8.50 application, which will run inside a browser while looking and behaving exactly the same  as on the desktop client.
This adds more portability to the already portable ZimQt Client.


1. A web server that supports HTMLJavascriptCSSAJAX, and PHP.

1a. If you have not set up a web server, the easiest way to test the plugin is to install Ampps on you local machine:

2. The latest version of Zim 8.50 installed, a running ZimServer process hosting at least 1 database.

3. Starting with version 42, Chrome now disables all plugins by default. Current plugins will not run on Chrome after version 45 (September 2015)

To run ZimQt Browser Plugin on Chrome, you need to follow these instructions to enable NPAPI plugins 

a. Paste this link into your Chrome browser: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
b. Select the option to Enable NPAPI plugins
c. Restart you browser


Install the contents of the ZimQt Browser Plugin to the www root directory of your webserver if using Amppsc, or to the directory of your choosing if using your own web server;

The following files may need to be edited:

1. Install.php:

You’ll see a link in this file to the location of the ZimWebPluginInstaller.msi file.  Make sure this is the correct path on your server.

2. Config.json:

a. If the autoconnect property is “false” then the user simply connects to the database of their choosing by supplying parameters in the browser window. 
b. If the autoconnect property is “true” then the plugin will automatically connect to the database located below. 
Using Ampps installed locally, http://localhost/index.htm from either Firefox or Chrome will load the ZimQt Browser Plugin.

Windows Styles

There is a configuration option WindowStyle” with the following options:

“WindowStyle”: “d” -detached – Windows open in a detached state from the web browser. The behavior is same as the standard ZimQt Client.

“WindowStyle”; “a”-attached – Windows open within the current web browser tab. You can see child windows within the current tab but cannot move them outside the existing browser tab

“WindowStyle”; “e”-embedded – Windows are embedded within the current tab page. The expected window header does not appear (as with the standard ZimQt Client) and the browser tab is always the current window. This option makes the Zim application behave like most standard HTML-based web applications.


The current beta version will not work with Internet Explorer.

3. The first time you load this page, you will be prompted to download the plugin:

4. After installation, close and restart your browser, and go to the same link:

5. Press the checkmark icon to save the connection, and select that named connection on the next screen to load your application.

Please email any issues to support@zim.biz.