Migration Requirements - Zim 8.50 GUI on Windows

This page summarizes the requirements for a successful migration and an overview of the changes between Zim 7.x and Zim 8.50
Please click on each ▶ in the table below to navigate to the corresponding topics.

Summary of Topics
1) System Requirements 2) Significant Changes 3) Licenses and Runtimes 4) Migration Timeframe


1) System Requirements

The following table indicates the Windows version and the minimum hardware requirements for running each indicated Zim 8.50 component.

Windows Version Zim 8.50 - Server
Zim 8.50 - Development
ZimIDE & ZimExplore
Zim 8.50 - Runtime
ZimQt Client
Server 2003 | XP   ✓ *
Server 2008 | Vista ✓ * ✓ *
Server 2008 R2 | 7 ✓ * ✓ *
Server 2012 | 8 | 8.1
Windows 10
CPU 500 MHz 1 GHz 500 MHz
Memory 256 MB 512 MB 256 MB
Space 200 MB 50 MB 50 MB

* The .NET Framework 4 or higher must also be installed separately to meet the execution requirements of Zim 8.50.

2) Significant Changes

Before starting the migration process, please note that there are improvements in Zim 8.50 in relation to Zim 7.x:

  • True Client/Server Architecture;
  • Runtime supported in desktop and mobile platforms ▶ZimQt;
  • Comprehensive integrated develoment environment ▶ZimIDE;
  • Management console ▶ ZimExplore.

For a more detailed explanation of Zim 8.50's architecture and please consult this page.

3) Licenses and Runtimes

The licensing scheme and available runtimes for Zim 8.50 has been simplified from Zim 7.x.
There are now two main licenses required for any Zim 8.50 installation:

  • Zim Development PDP ▶Enables connections to ZimServer;
  • Zim Runtime for Windows ▶Determines the number of client connections ZimServer will accept.
    Client connections include any components running locally and remotely in any supported platform, such as:
    • ZimQt Client;
    • ZimIDE via ODBC Driver;
    • ZimExplore via ODBC Driver;
    • JDBC SAM;
    • ODBC SAM.

There are also products that do not require specific licenses in Zim 8.50 anymore, but did so in Zim 7.x.

  • JDBC Driver and ODBC Driver: Both drivers are included in the Client and Developer Client installers.
    The ODBC Driver is used to provide a connection between ZimServer and ZimIDE.
  • JDBC SAM and ODBC SAM: Both modules are now an integral part of Zim 8.50.
    The number of connections provided by the JDBC SAM and ODBC SAM in dedicated licenses in Zim 7.x
    is now included in the number of connections determined by the Zim Runtime for Windows license in Zim 8.50.

The following table shows the equivalence in licenses between Zim 8.50 and Zim 7.x:

Zim 8.50 Zim 7.12 & Zim 7.11
Zim Runtime for Windows ZimRT  |  ZimRTMU  |  ZIMPRTSU  |  ZIMPRTMU  |  ZimPRTMU-Secure
Zim Development PDP ZimServer  |  Zim Lock Monitor  |  Zim  |  ZimMU  |  Zim Command
ZimWeb Zim CGI / ZimWeb
* ODBC Driver
* JDBC Driver
** JDBC SAM (Zim 7.12)  |  Oracle SAM  |  SQL Server SAM  |  DB2 SAM
** ODBC SAM (Zim 7.12)

* ODBC Driver and JDBC Driver are automatically installed with ZimQt, ZimIDE and ZimExplore without a separated license.
** ODBC SAM and JDBC SAM are automatically installed with ZimServer without a separated license.
Note: ZimQt replaced ZimTC in Zim 8.21 plus all prevoius runtimes (ZimRT  |  ZimRTMU  |  ZIMPRTSU  |  ZIMPRTMU  |  ZimPRTMU-Secure)
and execution enviromnments (Zim  |  ZimMU  |  Zim Command).

4) Migration Timeframe

The process of migration from Zim 7.x GUI to Zim 8.50 GUI Windows detailed here usually lasts between one and two hours.