Zim 8.20 for Windows, Build 1587

Tue, 2012-03-06 10:42 -- zim-admin

Bug fixes and minor changes (ZimServer, Zim Thin Client, Active-X, Zim DC and ODBC Driver):

Zim Server:

  • 64 bit portability and prototype work. Numerous 64 bit compatibility changes.
  • Fix for transparent bitmap buttons. - Fix for user icons not being drawn transparently. - Implementing RAW data.
  • Implementing errors for RAW data.
  • Raising an error when committing a deadlocked transaction on the SAMs.
  • Increase the number of messages in the message queue.
  • Enhancing error messages for the SAMs.
  • Incorporated FORM and DISPLAY operations in zdbagent.
  • Improve performance on Zim ThinClient side (cache).
  • Modifications for Itanium 64 bits.
  • Fix for memory leak related to toolbar icons.
  • Opening files with 666 permission.
  • Implemented communication from 8.20 to 7.11.
  • Implemented Initialize per user document.
  • Don't merge commands when having a COMPLETE with sets connected to SQL servers.
  • Error message rose for non existing files to be copied over.
  • REMOTEEXEC can be abbreviated to 6 characters.

Zim Thin Client:

  • Reduce flicker on screen operations.
  • Refactored most of the icons.
  • List box is automatically closed after being opened on the first time.
  • Data in the multiple-column list box is not displayed properly.
  • Zim thin client is crashing on exiting.
  • Handling of Zim thin client memory is improved to solve abnormal terminations.
  • The icon of Zim thin client window is not displayed.
  • Two radio buttons of the option box are displayed at the same time.
  • Auto completion option of the combo box is enhanced.
  • Improved behaviour of child windows
  • Implementation of top-most windows
  • Missing options of line border of list boxes are added.
  • “List tracks input” for combo boxes
  • Function keys f10 or higher not working if program was compiled with zim.exe and executed with zimtc.exe(and vice versa).
  • Improvements to cursor behaviour in zimtc backscreen
  • $helpfile always opening zim help
  • Using wordpad as an editor from zimtc generates an error when editing a document
  • Date values, when set to $null, were retaining the previous value minus the mask
  • Minor improvements to dynamic multi-column list boxes. The last value in this type of list box was sometimes not visible.
  • Wrong field had default focus within a display
  • Improvements to migration utility. With some databases, zim was trying to create objects before their owning directory had been created.
  • Improved performance though enhancements with the caching mechanism
  • “Set pause on” – pressing “q” not quitting the pause.
  • Garbage data in some columns in repeated form
  • Auto-select always on for entry fields on some forms
  • Specific situation where page heading not printed on every page for reports