Release Notes: Zim 8.20 for Windows, Build 1615 (May 2010)

Bug fixes and minor changes (Zim Thin Client):

Zim Thin Client

  • Menus(and associated toolbars) not allowed in child windows. Enforced by Microsoft in Visual Studio 2008. There is no workaround for this.
  • Improvements to scrolling in dynamic list boxes
  • Correction to height calculation for child windows
  • Fixed garbage characters being displayed in zimtc backscreen under certain conditions
  • Fixed pc bell ringing on form input command (caused by previous “form set...” commands
  • No event was being generated for f77
  • Was unable to access parent windows in non-modal windows environment with child windows.
  • Improvements to “form set” command. In tabbed forms, some properties were not being applied to the tab labels.
  • Executing a “form set (normal)” command caused tab labels to change font and fontsize from their original values.
  • Event table not was not updating values for event.ctrlkey, event.altkey, and event.shiftkey
  • Menus and menu toolbars were not displaying/behaving correctly since migrating build environment to Visual Studio 2008.
  • “menu set” command was not changing the label property for some menu items.
  • Fixed caching problem for images in a repeated form.
  • Fixing a minor locking issue when connected remotely from windows to linux via “zimserv”.