Release Notes: Zim 8.20 for Windows, Build 1633 (2010, July)

Bug fixes and minor changes (ZimServer, Zim Thin Client, Active-X, Zim DC and ODBC Driver):

Zim Server:

  • ZimBackup does not work properly.

Zim Thin Client:

  • Unable to scroll down in a dynamic list box using the up and down arrows on the keyboard.
  • Text within a frame/option box is not displaying the bold attribute.
  • Dynamic list box is incorrect size, left border is missing.
  • Wrong member is being selected in dynamic list box.
  • "Menu set" command is affecting formfields.
  • Error when closing the backscreen window
  • Tab order different in Zim Thin Client than Zim.
  • Menu set (not suppress visible available) not working in Zim Thin Client.
  • Menu toolbar not displaying correctly in Zim Thin Client since migrating to MS Visual Studio 2008.
  • Zim Thin Client crashing when clicking on Tree-View control.
  • Radio buttons are being displayed 1 pixel higher in Zim Thin Client than Zim.
  • Dynamic list box not scrolling properly.
  • When outputting multiple message boxes, message text is being appended from one message to the next.
  • Label text is being displayed 1 pixel higher in ZimTC than zim.exe.


  • Zim 8.20 Painter is not installed correctly on Windows 7 (Windows Registry).
  • Unable to create database using the Zim Explore.
  • Program zim8cnv1 (database migration tool) no longer working.
  • Remote procedure used by new painter is creating forms but not displays on Linux.