Release Notes: Zim 8.21 for Windows, Build 2034 (September 2012)

Bug fixes, changes, and enhancements (ZimServer, Zim Thin Client, Active-X, Zim DC and ODBC Driver)

New Features:

Zim JDBC SAM - "Developer Preview"

  • It provides a generic connectivity method between Zim Language and 3rd part databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL; using the native JDBC drivers to connect.
  • No need for client software to connect with the remote SQL database;
  • Multiplatform 32/64bits - Windows, Linux, AIX and HPUX;
  • Zim commands are translated to SQL commands and then executed directly in the server side improved performance;
  • New connection type - “JDCSAM” (table type – jdbcsam)
  • New commands to use with:
  • “set javatrace on|off” – java tracing
  • “set validate <date>” – if date is less than this value, the date is invalid
  • “set nullsfirst on|off” – sorts null values first or last

Zim IDE - “Developer Preview”

  • Zim’s new development environment;
  • Paint graphical (GUI) or text (TUI) interfaces;
  • Develop for Windows and Unix/Linux environments
  • Connects to Zim 7.12 databases to design Zim objects like forms, displays and windows.
  • Create, Edit and Manage all Zim objects in a new graphic interface;
  • Preview new user interface features such as:
  • Grid Control,
  • Tool strips,
  • Docking and Anchoring;
  • Programmer’s editor embedded in Zim IDE.
  • See more:

New “Tab Control” object

  • Use Zim IDE to add “real” tab controls to Zim forms (previous "Tab Control" was emulated).
  • Code is no longer required to manage control of this object. 

Docking and Anchoring of fields to window

  • Limit of docking 1 field per form (i.e. grid or entry field to bottom of window)

Support for TUI forms in Zim Thin Client for Windows (NEW!)

  • You are now able to run “Text Based” (TUI) Linux/Unix Zim Application directly from Zim Thin Client for Windows. 
  • No need for Telnet or SSH connections/software.
  • No need to configure ".ztcap" files.

Final Note:

  • We found an incompatibility issue using the following Linux distributions: CentOS 6.0  and later; and Ubuntu. At this time we do not recommend the use of these Linux distributions.
  • We did intensive tests running the following Linux distributions without incompatibilities: CentOS 5.8 and earlier, Debian and SuseLinux.
  • We are still working on this issue and we will release a fix for it in the next builds.