Release Notes: Zim 8.21 for Windows, Build 2082 and Linux, Build 2083 (December 2012)

Improvements to Zim heartbeat

  • The Zim Thin Client and the associated server process “ping” each other at regular intervals to ensure that their connection is still alive;
  • If the “ping” fails for 3 consecutive intervals, the client and agent processes will terminate;
  • Because web-based connections can be less stable than a LAN connection, this feature helps to ensure your Zim server has not run out of available connections due to indefinitely waiting for a message from the client.

New configuration option: “Backscreen prompt no

  • With this configuration option enabled, when users log in to the database, they will have access to the Zim Thin Client backscreen prompt;
  • This configuration option has been enhanced so that if a developer logs in to the database with the username ‘super’, this login supersedes this configuration option and the user will have access to the Zim command prompt;
  • This configuration option can be found in the database configuration file (“zimconfig.zim”).

General improvements to the IDE

  • The IDE is still in “developer preview” status, but due to customer feedback from the initial developer preview, there have been many improvements to the product;

TUI support in the Zim Thin Client

  • General improvements to TUI support in the Zim Thin Client;
  • The Zim Thin Client for Windows now supports TUI forms, so users can run a text based Linux application from this Windows client.
  • The Zim Thin Client for Windows provides a direct connection to the Zim server process running on Linux, removing the need for a telnet/ssh connection. Also, there is no need to configure a .ztcap file.

Linux compatibility issues:

  • We recommend using ZIM with the following distributions, which have been thoroughly tested and are free of compatibility problems:
    • Debian (6.0.5 and later);
    • Suse Linux;
  • We do not recommend using ZIM with other Linux distributions due to incompatibility issues;
  • We will fix incompatibility problems in the upcoming builds of ZIM 8.21.