Release Notes: Zim 8.21 for Windows (build 2553) and Unix (build 2555); ZimQt (build 2551) (July 2013)

ZimQt Alpha:

  • ZimQt Alpha is available for testing;
  • ZimQt can execute the same GUI programs that run on Zim Thin Client;
  • ZimQt does not support TUI applications.

Colors on buttons and menus:

  • Buttons and menus always appeared as grey in Zim Thin Client and older versions of Zim;
  • In many existing Zim applications, the Background Color attribute for buttons and menus was set to "inherited";
  • On ZimQt, this will result in buttons and menus having the same color as the form, which in certain cases may be undesirable;
  • This can be avoided by manually changing the Background Color of menus and buttons to grey (or any other desired color) and recreating all the forms.