Release Notes: Zim 8.50 for Windows (build 3217) and Zim 8.50 for Linux (build 3213) - May 2014

Zim for Linux:

  • TUI runtime support is available via the zim executable;
  • Zimboot is now the only tool available to create new databases (ZimInit and has been deprecated).
  • We recommend installing Zim 8.50 only on 32-bit distributions or on specific 64-bit distributions: Debian (6.x) or CentOs (6.x).

Mobile Development:

  • New Zim applications can be designed for mobile platforms (Android, iOS);
  • Existing Zim 8.x applications can also run on mobile platforms using the original Zim programs with minor adjustments to adapt forms and displays to smaller screens;
  • Zim Server and ZimQt Client have been optimized to streamline communication between the server and client and improve performance on mobile devices.

User Interface Enhancements for ZimQt Client:

  • Anchoring and Docking: Form fields can be anchored and docked within forms, frames and tab pages;
  • Grid Control and Tab Control are now native widgets, managed directly by the graphical interface, not requiring specific Zim code;
  • The appearance of widgets has been enhanced to provide a uniform look and feel on all platforms;
  • Documents and programs can be edited on mobile platforms by calling the edit function from the ZimQt prompt;

Zim Explore (available only on Windows):

  • Zim Explore has been improved and new functionality has been added to most of its modules;
  • Dynamic database creation: New databases can be created by Zim Explore without stopping Zim Server.

ZimQt Client:

  • ZimQt Client is the only GUI runtime environment for Windows, Android, iOS and Linux;
  • All previous runtime environments, including zim.exe, have been deprecated;
  • ZimQt has an improved database connection menu with the same look and feel on all platforms;
  • ZimQt does not support TUI forms.

Zim IDE (available only on Windows):

  • Major improvements in the user interface and navigation;

General Notes:

  • When migrating from Zim 7.x to Zim 8.50, you may encounter a conversion problem which results in form fields being right-anchored in the form.
  • When a new database is created, the folders \dcrt and \dpsrt are not created immediately in the database path. They will only be created the first time Zim IDE connects to this database or the first time >zomenable is issued on this database.