Zim Advanced Techniques

Who Should Attend: 
Current Zim developers, DBAs and new developers who attended the Zim Basic course. This is a very important course for database administrators and developers involved with performance tuning.
Zim programming knowledge
What you will Learn: 
Zim database files internal structure; data and index access mechanisms; Zim lock mechanism, the zimlock.zim file physical and virtual structure; Zim data access strategy and optimization; how to use the configuration file options related to locks and data access
The Zim database structure; data files internal structure; data tree and index tree; the three different access mechanisms; access costs; transactions and locks; EIO and Btree operations; configuration parameter use related to transactions; multi range and large file locks; the Locktrace option and its use; database auditing and data recovery; database access strategy; database access optimization
2 days