Zim Connectivity

Who Should Attend: 
Zim developers in general
Previous Zim knowledge and new developers who attended the Zim basic course
What you will Learn: 
How you can work in a client-server architecture using the Zim Integrated Server; two and three tier client-server architecture; how to access and update a Zim database from the Internet using Zim CGI; how to access Zim databases using ASP (Active Server Pages) and Zim ODBC
Host-based versus client-server architectures – differences, advantages and disadvantages; Zim Integrated Server (ZIS) basics; Installing and configuring ZIS; Preparing the target (server) database and the clients; Starting and stopping the Zim Server; Simultaneous multiple server; Creating Zim Server new instances; migrating to client-server notes and recommendations; Using server Documents and the $ServerFunction; Zim CGI basics and components; Installing and configuring the Zim CGI; Starting and stopping the ZIMCGI; Zim and HTML interface programming examples; Transaction and session oriented applications; Security layers; The ZIS ODBC driver basics; using the ZIS ODBC to access Zim databases from different third party applications; Using ZIS ODBC to access Zim from ASP applications
2 days