Zim Graphical User Interface

Who Should Attend: 
Current Zim TUI developers who attended the Migration course (4) and new developers who attended the Zim Basic course
Zim Basic
What you will Learn: 
How to implement complete user graphic interfaces; create and use the interface widgets; use of the TUI interface widgets and their restrictions; create tabbed forms; program event driven modal and non-modal applications; This is a hands-on course.
Graphical interface structure and components; navigation, focus, availability and selection concepts; creation and use of Window, Menu, Form and Display objects; dealing with the Zim graphical widgets and their behavior; using events, actions and Zim control structures; tabbed forms creation and use; modal and non-modal application structures, where and how to use them; controlling Zim parallel processes; inter-process communication; graphical interface utilities
2 days