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ZIM is dedicated to open and honest communication with shareholders, employees and all stakeholders. ZIM has developed a number of corporate governance policies and guidelines that outline our commitment to integrity and accountability and define expectations and ethical principles for employees, executives and the board of directors. ZIM is dedicated to providing shareholders and stakeholders alike, with timely, accurate and transparent information about the corporation, its business dealings and our financial situation.

ZIM’s employees are lead by a Code of Business Conduct and Corporate Trading Policy, which provide a clear set of business values to guide ethical decisions and business dealings.

ZIM’s board of directors and executives are dedicated to corporate transparency and accountability and are responsible for ensuring compliance with all Securities and Exchange Commission and Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) requirements. To pursue these initiatives, the board of directors have issued a number of corporate governance policies including the charters of the Disclosure and Audit Committees.

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ZIM Corporate Headquarters

150 Isabella Street, Suite 150
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1S 1V7

Tel: 613-727-1397
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Brazil Office

Calçada Flor de Lis, 46 2º.And.
CEP: 06453-062

Tel: 011 55 11 5505 6868
Fax: 011 55 11 5505 2426